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Top Tips For Improving Your Property's EPC’s rating

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Here are some handy tips on what makes a difference to your EPC rating and what you can do to boost that rating:-

1. Insulation

Insulating your home is a great way to reduce your energy consumption; it will save money on your energy bills by reducing heat loss through your external walls, roof and windows.

Throughout the winter months, the heat is accumulated inside your property and your insulation prevents it from transporting through the walls to outside. In the summer, the opposite occurs your insulation will stop the heat from outdoors flowing into your home, leaving your property remaining cool on the inside.

External wall insulation on average saves proprietors up to £400 a year on their heating bills. Benefits are instantly noticeable from the initial installing of external wall insulation, and although costly initially it pays for itself by reducing your heating bills over the years.

There are also the added benefits of a reduction noise levels from outside of your home in and being more fire resistance.

2. Long term upgrades

Implementing external wall insulation can increase the value of your property in more than one way. External Wall Insulation will give your property a total modernisation; improving its outward aesthetics and making it look more attractive to potential buyers. Enough of an upgrade can increase your EPC rating.

Solar panels are a modern solution with an at home battery to retain the electricity for use even during the night. All renewable technologies are currently incentivised via the government backed and guaranteed FITs (Feed-In-Taiffs) and consequently provide hot water and central heating at considerable reduced rates! For example, adding a 16-panel solar PV system could add 10 points to your EPC

3. Thermal stats (smart heating controllers)

One of the most important elements of an EPC evaluation is the heating system. An old boiler will be worth updating and by installing a newer model, could increase your EPC rating.

Ensure you’re only heating your property when it’s necessary by installing a thermostat or thermostatic radiator valves to routinely manage the temperature of your property during the day.

Similarly, your hot water systems could be contributing to a better EPC rating. Replacing your halogen light bulbs with more environmentally friendly models saving you about £70 per bulb over its lifespan. Replace any old appliances with newer models that boast high-energy ratings. For example, switching a B-ranked kettle for an A++ ranked model will certainly improve your EPC rating.

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